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Why Choose Us?

Commercial Planted tank fertilizer are available in most of the pet stores near you. Then why buy dry fertilizer from us? Well, here are few things you need to know. 

Do you know these commercial plant fertilizer are nothing but extremely diluted fertilizer with lots of water. So basically you are paying for bottled water with a little bit of fertilizer in it. Why buy water and pay for its shipping when you already have water at your home. So the idea that came up in our mind is to provide enthusiast manageable quantity of dry fertilizer at the cheapest rate possible. You just add water and voila, you are ready to dose. Our bestseller is the EI PACK, which provides you all the components of fertilizer to make 2 liter worth Macro and 2 liter worth Micro all at a flat rate . So in less than the cost of a pizza  you have fertilizer which can last for more than an year! Now try and calculate the kind of money you would have to spend to get 4 liters of the commercially available diluted fertilizer !!! 

Why spend more to fertilize your planted tank when you can get everything at cheap rates.  You get the point!

We can also provide you Aquagold CSM+b fertilizer alone, in case you already have macros with you. Enjoy the hobby!


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The best fertillizer available in the Indian market.

Kisholoy Gupta
Planted tank enthusiast and YouTuber (Crazy Aquatics)

About Us

We are the providers of Dry fertilizers for planted tanks in India. All fertilizer chemicals are lab grade and are 100% safe for fishes and shrimps.